• To whom it may concern,

    I'm particularly pleased that Tom Stacy asked me to write a testimonial for Astro Mechanics. After all, sincere concern for the customer's opinion of the service and workmanship of his company is one of the discriminating traits that sets Astro apart from his competitors.

    I have had the pleasure and benefit of working with Astro Mechanics since 1985. In these past 26 years Astro Mechanics has proven to be substantially more than a vendor to my company and in fact has been one of the keys to our success.

    In my experience, Astro Mechanics is an organization that relies on two fundamental principles that make it a supplier that can be counted on: consistent service and quality workmanship. Astro delivers consistent service in a very simple way; they answer your calls, they ask thoughtful questions, they deliver bids on time and they continue this level of communication until the customer is satisfied. Quality workmanship is delivered by an experienced team of machinists, fabricators and welders. Astro Mechanics is dedicated to its employees and the result is employees dedicated to their customers.

    Service and workmanship aside, Astro Mechanics is a company managed with integrity. I believe you will find that they make commitments and then keep them. Astro Mechanics is honest about the value they can deliver and even more so if they think you can receive more value elsewhere. Astro takes the initiative to make suggestions that may save cost but never at the risk of delivering a sub-standard product.

    If your organization is looking for consistent reliability in a vendor, I earnestly recommend Tom Stacy and Astro Mechanics.

    John B. Sloane FlightSafety International
  • WPI has been doing business with Astro Mechanics for over 20 years. From welding, machine work or special project pieces they have always been able to make it happen. Their staff, turnaround time and quality of work keep us coming back.

    Rick Hutchens Waukesha-Pearce Industries
  • We are grateful for the fine work you fella’s did on this job. Without the quality and diligence of your work, this would have never happened as smoothly as it has. Your timely response and quick turnaround makes it a pleasure to work with you. We just want to let you know how much we appreciate this and how you can expect more of our business in the future.

    Steve Grohosky Teco-Westinghouse
  • Astro Mechanics is the machine shop that I can go to when the job is too big for my own shop! They are timely and their work has always met my precision needs. I give out Astro’s name without hesitation when others come to melooking for someone to handle their job (big or small).

    Thomas Rowell CESCO Magnetics
  • Cray Networks has been working with Astro Mechanics for almost 8 years, we truly appreciate their loyalty and are thankful for the relationship that has been built. They are fantastic at what they do and a great bunch of people!

    Ryan Gray Cray Networks

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